The Best Use of your Commercial Fridge: How do you minimise those electricity bills?

Whether you’re a small or medium-sized business, if you’re required to run large scale appliances day in, day out, it’s going to affect your bottom line. As technology advances, the energy consumption and rating of new models improves, and helps to minimise our outgoings.

But in a thriving business, there’s a high chance you’re still battling hefty power bills. Here, we discuss some everyday ways to minimise the electricity use surrounding your commercial refrigeration.


Service those seals.

Seals are the oft-overlooked yet primary component that stands between the contents of your fridge and variable climate of the great outdoors.

Servicing your seals ensures that your equipment is not wasting energy working overtime to maintain the legally compliant temperature of your commercial refrigeration.

It also helps to reduce a reduced environmental impact by ensuring that cool air is not being uselessly released into the atmosphere. 


Sufficient airflow and happy coils go hand in hand.

When coils collect dust, it takes greater energy for the fridge to transfer its heat. Dust free coils means less exertion by your fridge.

The second step for healthy coils is adequate airflow. If there isn’t enough room for air to move around your fridge, your coils will expend more energy doing their job. Keep them clean, and give them room to breathe.


Automated Powering down

It’s a simple one, but it’s happened to everyone. Although we take care to turn off lighting in our business before we lock up at night, cooler and freezer rooms are often overlooked, leaving us to question “How long has this light been on for?”

To remove this potential energy-waster altogether, install sensor lighting that is only activated by movement, and automatically turns off with inactivity within the space.

This can also be applied for the anti-sweat heaters that ensure the glass of your upright fridges. When these handy add-ons are left to run continuously, they form a large part of your energy costs.

To remedy, you can install adaptive controls. These will kick into gear when temperature requires, and power down when they are not needed, saving energy and money.


During breaks, pack and power down.

Shutting down for two weeks over christmas? Donate excess food or take home perishables, and condense the contents of your fridges into one unit so that you can power down as many fridges or appliances as possible over the break. Every week counts!



If purchasing new commercial fridges is not yet on the cards, keeping on top of servicing your existing fridges will help to identify any components that may not be working correctly and costing you money.

Servicing your plant and material also ensures legal compliance, and is a helpful way to flag any potential issues before they kick into gear.

Whether it’s your upright fridges, counter top fridges or cool rooms, get Fridgitech out for a service today and keep those appliances in good health!